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But for would be burglars remember they have a crocodile infested moat and robot guard dogs equipped with stun guns.

It seems half the world is off there this week, so good luck.

We will await the thrilling reports later on.

I'm in the UK, but obviously not going!
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Subject: [nvda] Off at CSUN for the next week

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that the NV Access crew will all be off at the CSUN
conference in San Diego for the next week.

Firstly, if anyone will be at CSUN, do please come and see us! We'll be
presenting in HillCrest A&B on Wednesday 21st at 2:20pm on "Introducing the
new NV Access and redesigned NVDA". Basically talking about what we (and
you) have been up to lately and where we're going. We're staying in the
room after the presentation as at 3:20 we're following up with "Choosing
and Using NVDA", which is designed to be an overview of NVDA, a bit of a
walk through installing it, and a bit of information for those supporting a
range of users, from family members, to those with low vision and also
corporate and government users. Aside from that, we'll be at various other
presentations and generally be loitering about the hotel, and / or San
Diego at large.

Secondly, that means I probably won't be on here. I'll try and catch up
when I get back, but feel free to write to me directly if you do need me to
see it (I still may or may not get a chance to reply before I get back).

Have a great week everyone, and I hope to get to meet some of you before I

Kind regards


Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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