Re: My initial experience using NVDA with Skype 8


I did further testing with NVDA, specifically when typing a message and trying to copy messages in the chat window, and the results were very satisfying. As I mentioned, NVDA treats the new Skype 8 interface as a web page, so standard browse mode commands work as expected. The settings page, I must say, works pretty good with NVDA.
Note all tests are done on a Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit machine with NVDA 2018.1 installed.
For those resisting the upgrade, I suggest you give the new Skype 8 at least a try. True you will lose the ability to customize hotkeys and change the app sounds, but overall I think the experience is better compared to Skype 7 as you don't really need to tab around the interface that much, especially in the chat window. I still couldn't figure out how to close out of a particular chat window though.

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