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erik burggraaf <erik@...>

Viewing the sites is fine except for a general lack of heading structure, but I tried to create one for my mom's craft business, and forget it. The designer was all in adobe flash when I used it a couple of years ago. I have the knowhow to create any site I want on several accessible CMS, except that I don't always have the time. I wouldn't bother with wix even if I could, but no.

Sorry to be so discouraging, but there are some very easy cms out there such as pmwiki that are so well documented, you can pick up some web design skills by osmosus.



On March 18, 2018 2:07:39 PM "AKH AKH" <tvz@...> wrote:

Hi all

Has anyone designed a website using Wix?  I have viewed a few sites and
they seem to be accessible with NVDA.


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