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John Isige

You need a copy of com0com I think, to make it into a com port. The
addon didn't work very well when I tried the same thing a few years ago
though, so unless there's been some work done on it, I think you'll
probably be disappointed.

On 3/19/2018 11:12, Ervin, Glenn wrote:


I have a DoubleTalk external synth, that uses a serial cable.  I
connected it to a Serial to USB adapter, and my windows 7
automatically installed a driver for the adapter.

I tried the DoubleTalk LT add-in and it did not work.

I also tried the TripleTalk USB add-in and that did not work either.

Neither show up in available synthesizers.

The Eloquence add-in shows up however, and the other add-ins have
always worked.

Shouldn’t it show up in the synth selection?

And is there a way to probe to find the port that the USB adapter is on?

I looked in device manager, and it looks like it reads Comms 001 and 003.


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