nvda and Jaws behave differently on two computers

Michael Massey <massey52@...>

Hi.  I sent a message to Joseph Lee a few weeks ago regarding the subject and he suggested I send a message to this group.  Here are my issues. 


I have two computers running Windows 10 with the latest updates installed.  My desktop pc is a custom-built machine with Windows 10 pro installed on it.  It is around 16 months old.  My laptop pc is an Hp machine purchased approximately two months ago and it has Windows 10 home edition 64 bit edition.  The desktop has 64 bit Windows 10 pro on it. 


When I launch nvda on my desktop pc, if there is an add-on, it is recognized and I can install it from the dialog.  The Jaws audio is ducked as well.  However, on my laptop running the latest nvda, the add-on is not recognized, nor does the audio duck when Jaws is running.  Why won’t the add-on be recognized on my laptop?  And why does the audio ducking feature work on my desktop and not the laptop?  Thank you. 


Mike M.

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