Re: Dictation Bridge does not appear under Tools


Stupid windows defender is targeting the blind again.

You will need to clear all the history of files, then turn off windows defender, then install the addon, then exclude the dll.

Unless ofcause it is actually true.

On 20/03/2018 10:13 a.m., Mel Thatcher via Groups.Io wrote:
Is this the cause of my problem:

When I reboot NVDA to complete installing Dictation Bridge, I get the following security alert:  "C: . . . \dictationbridgemaster 32.dll" containing the pattern of 'ADWARE/ELEX.qmfva' was blocked.  We moved the file to quarantine.

I downloaded a second copy of the DB addon file and go the same result.  Where can I download a clean installation file?

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