Re: How to get in touch with DictationBridge


Are you copying these links by hand?  They are not full links.  We can't test them and be confident our results are valid.  Some people would want to see if the links are broken or if there is a problem you have that causes them not to work.  Please include full links.  Even if you get page not found messages, see if the links are in the address bar.  Copy them to the clipboard and paste them into the message.  to find a contact link, Go to the home page.  Go to the top of the page.  Search for the word contact.  Repeat the search if necessary.  Almost all contact links, for example, contact us, have the word contact in them.  See if you find one.

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Subject: [nvda] How to get in touch with DictationBridge

Does anyone know how to get in touch with DictationBridge?  The following links are broken"



Teh contact form link at is also broken.

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