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Here! Hear! Jean! I once had a school purchase a laptop with no context key. I Kept thinking it was me not understanding where it was or what key combination would bring it up. Then I started reading reviews. Many were programmers who I learned depend a great deal on the context key. Who knows why that design decision was made, but it had nothing to do with my students sight. The school could not believe that I wanted the laptop returned just cause it was missing one little key.



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Can it be turned off by just pressing the numpad?  If so, then saying this feature is one that comes from a company that holds its users in contempt is a real overstatement.  How much trouble is it to press the numlock after rebooting?  If the numpad can't be turned off, that's far more serious.  It has nothing to do with contempt, however.  Manufacturers are always looking for a competitive edge.  Products may be degraded in some way for convenience, or  from a blind users perspective for convenience of the general user.



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If you are an N V D A user, don't buy a Dell!

My blind client bought a new Dell last year. It wasn't a major effort to get N V D A installed, but then I found that every time you rebooted, the touchpad turned itself back on. I called Dell support, and they told me there was no way to turn it off permanently. Since it was "obvious" that nobody really wanted to turn it off permanently, they designed it to always turn on when rebooted.

That is a design defect that can only come from a company who holds its customers in contempt.

I opened the case, and unplugged the touchpad. If you are blind, that is probably something you would have to have a sighted person do for you.


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Wow, that's a great price for a lap top. A friend of mine got one from Dell and he's still paying on it since 2009.




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I got a very good laptop off amazon, it is brand new. it only cost me $290. windows10 home, AMD a6 quad core, 4gigs ram, 500gb hard drive. dvd burner. radeon r4 graphics. runs all my games, word processor apps, spreadsheets, and works well with dictation bridge and speech recognition. here is the link.



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