Re: NVDA and dollars and cents

Sam Taylor


In what program, excel, word, notepad, etc? And with what synthesizer?

On 21/03/2018 05:56, Don H wrote:

Running NVDA 2018-1 on a Win 10 64 bit system.  NVDA seems to be inconsistent when it comes to reading numbers that start with the dollar sign.  An example would be reading down a list of such numbers.  On the first number NVDA will read it as 150 dollars and 50 cents.  If you arrow down the next number NVDA may say 250 dollars and 75 and start to say cents but cuts it off not saying cents.  Sighted help says both numbers are formatted in the same way.  Arrow down to the next number and NVDA will or may not read the dollars and cents completely.  Not a big issue but a little strange in what is spoken.

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