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Well to be honest i never ever use hibernate as so many bits of software seem to come back not working right so one has to close them and open them again, and by the time I've done all that stuff, i might have well have rebooted the machine and launched to software in any case. My guess is that some parameters are simply not re read when the machine restarts after what is in effect a save of the machines state. If any software does only one read of a parameter, say when its started, then unless that is actually stored it can be lost it seems.
I suppose you have tried a shut down of nvda before hibernate then a ree start when its open again?
That would at least prove if its nvda or the machines sound drivers.

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I have NVDA 18.1 on a laptop that's running up to date Windows 7. I tend to keep this laptop hibernated when not using it and I shut down and restart weekly for the Windows updates.
Since updating my NVDA to 18.1 I frequently find there's no sound when I open the laptop. I've used the key command for starting/restarting NVDA but still no sound. A sighted person has told me that the NVDA sign in dialogue is on the screen even though there's no sound and the laptop is NOT muted.
Fiddling around, escape key and such, gets me some sound even if I end up finding two NVDA icons in the system tray after regaining sound. I click on one of those and it goes away.
I apologize if this explanation sounds confusing... Do any of you have any idea what's going on and what I could do to avoid the problem?

Also, on another issue, does the newest Firefox work with NVDA and Win7, or should I continue to wait before updating my Firefox?


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