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Mallard <mallard@...>

Hey Chris,

Thanks for these treats!

I installed Epub File Reader, but I'm not sure it works in Win10.



Il 22/03/2018 10:56, ChrisLeo ha scritto:
actually NVDA2018.1 supports VitalSource Bookshelf and Azardi as EPUB reader.
Download Azardi from here:

Download VitalSource Bookshelf from here:



Lanie Molinar, 21/03/2018 21:01:
Hi, everyone. Is there a good free EPUB reader that works on Windows 10
and is accessible with NVDA? I know you can read EPUB files with
Microsoft Edge, but I was unsure of how well that works since I don't
use Edge very much at all. I have Adobe Digital Editions, and reading
books is accessible, but the list of books in my library isn't. It
doesn't read any of the information about the book, so I have to use OCR
to see which book I'm focused on, which is really annoying. I do like
how Adobe Digital Editions syncs all books I add to my library with my
Adobe account, but I'm willing to do without that if there's a more
accessible alternative. Does anyone know of one? Thanks.

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