Re: Choosing a Laptop

Tyler Wood

I think hp and acer both have laptops with AMD ryzen processors in them now.
I have heard good things about them and they have similar performance. They're also what has forced intel into making quad core processors in the ultra low voltage family. I just hope they start showing up in more expensive laptops because AMD is really stepping up their game.

On 22-Mar-2018 8:14 PM, enes sarıbaş wrote:

its highly doubtful that you can get a top of the line for that cheap. It is iether an outdated processor, used/reused and replaced laptop, or something else. Quality machines are generally around at least 700-800 dollars. Personally I wouldn't go below that.

On 3/22/2018 3:41 PM, Josh Kennedy wrote:
What's wrong with AMD processors and parts? Nobody on here has mentioned AMD. My son has a top of the line gaming laptop with AMD parts, its brand new. and guess what, we got it off amazon for around $360. in the united states. My laptop with AMD a6 processor was on sale at the time for $250 on amazon . it has a dvd burner and everything. I strongly recommend laptops with AMD from amazon. 

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