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Il 23/03/2018 04:59, Christopher-Mark Gilland ha scritto:

Oh, he’s done a lot of stuff.

Chicken Nugget, QRead, QCast, Hope, QFeed, and I think maybe one or two more.


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The price is more than reasonable. Especially when you consider how exorbitant some stuff is … not mentioning names here, but you know.

But what else has he put out? I thought I remembered looking at his site and not seeing any other software up there, which seemed strange….but it was some time ago, and perhaps I just missed something.

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I totally agree. People can complain about that developer’s pricing, but when he puts out a gem, it’s a gem!


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Hey there Chris.

I personally really really like QRead from QContinuum. It’s about 15 bucks, but it’s very very very worth it. It can read EPub, PDF, Bookshare with a built in downloader, etc.

It really has become my book reader for the PC. I absolutely love it!


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On 21/03/2018 20:01, Lanie Molinar wrote:

Hi, everyone. Is there a good free EPUB reader that works on
Windows 10 and is accessible with NVDA? I know you can read EPUB
files with Microsoft Edge, but I was unsure of how well that works
since I don't use Edge very much at all. I have Adobe Digital
Editions, and reading books is accessible, but the list of books
in my library isn't. It doesn't read any of the information about
the book, so I have to use OCR to see which book I'm focused on,
which is really annoying. I do like how Adobe Digital Editions
syncs all books I add to my library with my Adobe account, but I'm
willing to do without that if there's a more accessible
alternative. Does anyone know of one? Thanks.

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Adobe Digital Editions 2.0 (I have installed) will read Epub items. I have now updated to version 4.5.

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