Re: Firefox Quantum incompatible with NVDA forever?

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Well, unless you have a problem, 59 is a heck of a lot more accessible than 57 was. I'd be interested as a 7 user, what your issues are. I have 58 here portable and it seems to mostly work, except for the download window.
Could it be that something is wrong with your machines registry?
I to use 52 esr, but only because of the download issue and lack of system sound ability for events in the new system.

Its my choice. Many are using Waterfox , but not tried that one yet, I'd hate to go down that road and then find they switch to the quantum engine as well.If its any consolation I have friends with Supernova and Jaws who are finding Firefox almost unusable.


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Since Firefox Quantum (57, 58, 59, ,,,) NVDA is having incompatibility problems.

Is it time to forget about Quantum?

The 59 version is unusable because NVDA simply don't recognize the web page, it is "an unknown" objectt.

I am using Windows 7, NVDA 2018.1 32 bits.

I am still using Firefox 52 ESR, but almost changing to Chrome.

Sadly, even Google recognized in its accessibility documentation that Firefox was the best browser to be used with NVDA.Very sad.

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