Re: Firefox Quantum incompatible with NVDA forever?

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It has issues in that the focus at the start is not on the window with the page in it, apart from that its OK.
I do believe though that for xp its 52 and for xp on amd processors its 48.
The latter being not maintained for security updates.
Waterfox is 64 bit only. SeaMonkey older versions seem to work on xp, but not tried any recent ones.


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hi walmier
did you use firefox 56 without any problem?
i wish that know the percentage of accessibility of firefox 56 with nvda.
does it work without any issues?

On 3/23/18, Clare Page <> wrote:
That's interesting that you can't read the downloads window in Firefox 59,
Brian! When I press control+j during a download, I can arrow up and down the
downloads list as I used to be able to do, and, in the current download at
the top of the list, I can still read the information I could read before,
namely the file name, the percentage of the download that has been done, its
source, and so on. I've never kept that downloads window open long enough in
Firefox 59 to notice whether I get a progress bar, though: I don't hear the
NVDA beeps for that at any time anyway, as I prefer speaking progress bars
myself, but each to their own!
Bye for now!
From Clare

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Hi. I am using 59.1 with NVDA 2018.1 with no major issues.

Only issue I am having now is that the downloads window accessed with
ctrl+j doesn't read at all for me.


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On 23/03/2018 8:01 AM, Walmir Schultz via Groups.Io wrote:

Since Firefox Quantum (57, 58, 59, ,,,) NVDA is having incompatibility

Is it time to forget about Quantum?

The 59 version is unusable because NVDA simply don't recognize the web
page, it is "an unknown" objectt.

I am using Windows 7, NVDA 2018.1 32 bits.

I am still using Firefox 52 ESR, but almost changing to Chrome.

Sadly, even Google recognized in its accessibility documentation that
Firefox was the best browser to be used with NVDA.Very sad.

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