Re: Firefox Quantum incompatible with NVDA forever?

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If Waterfox does get a following though, maybe the developers might jump ship to their platform?

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Well no, I do think we should keep pushing firefox to do better, the break through build is 2.6 or there abouts.

I just don't care for the inaccessibility of some of the way addons are structured now, noscript is one of the things.

And the sounds ofcause.

Waterfox works for me, and if they update to their own brouser its still going to use the older structure, an updated addon store, etc, some of the older addons, noscripts etc will no longer be updated anymore, so no more addon updates ever, but then again, most of the protection is there and will work for ages at any rate.

On 24/03/2018 1:01 a.m., Walmir Schultz via Groups.Io wrote:

Since Firefox Quantum (57, 58, 59, ,,,) NVDA is having incompatibility problems.

Is it time to forget about Quantum?

The 59 version is unusable because NVDA simply don't recognize the web page, it is "an unknown" objectt.

I am using Windows 7, NVDA 2018.1 32 bits.

I am still using Firefox 52 ESR, but almost changing to Chrome.

Sadly, even Google recognized in its accessibility documentation that Firefox was the best browser to be used with NVDA.Very sad.


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