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Cearbhall O'Meadhra

Hi Ron,

I am using excel 2016 in Windows 10 and a choice of both NVDA and JAWS 17. All are up to the latest versions.

I am curious about your issue as I do a lot of work with excel myself.

I have just created a tab delimited text file and imported it successfully. I tried using the File>Open dialog and the "Get external data" option on the Data Menu. Although the resulting dialog is different in each case, I found every part of the dialog fully accessible with NVDA.

In older versions of Excel, I used to import text files using the File>Open dialog. I was surprised to find that I cannot do this in excel 2016.

You don't say what technique you are using, but if you explain exactly what you have been attempting I would be happy to explore it with you and see what might have changed.

All the best,


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Hi Group,

For years, I have been using Microsoft Excel to make a simple spread sheet database for various of my music and movie files. I usually do this by creating a delimited text file using Notepad and then importing the file into Excel via the import data/text file item. For years this has worked. I would click the file and then I would get a Microsoft Security warning and then the file would open and a wizard of sorts would launch and ask me for the parameters: delimiters, beginning column, and so on.

However, now when I load an existing file into Excel, I get some sort of weird interface that doesn't seem to work with NVDA or JAWS and I am unable to complete the importation as I normally did.

I assume that either an update to Office 2016 or some other update to Windows 10 has changed some default setting in Excel that makes things operate differently. I have looked under options in the Excel program but I am unable to find what might be causing this difference. What setting could be changed to get things back to where they used to be for my Excel program?

Thanks for any help.

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