Re: Any Captcha Solving Add-on Works with FireFox 59 and NVDA 2018.1?


It's version 0.92. Not the "Official" one that's on the Webvisum site. That one doesn't seem to work.

If anyone neess it, I can send a dropbox link to grab it from.



Il 24/03/2018 07:36, Gene ha scritto:
There are different versions of Webvism.  There are one or two versions that will work with Webvisum ESR, which is the version we are talking about.  Others will have to say what version of Webvisum works with the ESR version.  Is it the one you can get a link to on the Blind Bargains site or is it the one currently on the web site or both?  But getting a no image found message implies to me that the problem isn't the version being used.  I don't think an incompatible version will even run and I don't think it will even sign into webvisum or look for an image.
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hi gene.
i remember that i could use webvisum with firefox, but i dont remember
the last version of firefox that supported webvisum for me.
i block javascript, but when i changed the settings to display
security codes, in webvisum, even with firefox 52esr, i could not
solve security codes and i recieved error 31!

On 3/24/18, Gene <gsasner@... <mailto:gsasner@...>> wrote:
If you blocked scripts a long time ago and continued to update the
I would expect the setting to be retained.  If you never knowingly
did, it
is unlikely.  For a good while, if you want to block scripts in the
you have to change a setting in about:config.  It appears, we don't know
what, that something is keeping images from being downloaded by
Firefox.  If
there are other possibilities, I don't know what they might be.

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NVDA 2018.1?

Maybe there is a setting I have mistakenly or unthinkingly set in
firefox to
limit scripts, but I haven’t used a script blocker in recent times, and
since getting a reasonably fast connection and living with a sighted
I leave images alone, even with two user accounts.

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NVDA 2018.1?

If you are using a script blocker or have JAVA scripts disabled, and
allow automatic downloading of images, no captcha will be found.


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NVDA 2018.1?

I use Firefox ESR still, for the most part, but I confess I have not
successfully gotten Webvism to solve anything. I do not know why
this is. I
always get the message “no captsha found” or something like that.
the main one I really wanted to sign up with, IMDB, has a really
good audio
one now. I have tried to use this add-on for years and there always
seems to
be some problem or other with it. I’m willing to play with it a
little more
but I’m at the point of writing it off as a lost cause. Others have
plenty of success, but I see just as many comments claiming it
doesn’t work,
and the last time I checked, its only comments on the Mozilla
add-ons page
were negative. SO yes, I’m very bemused by the whole thing. I wouldn’t
personally let this add-on stand in the way of using Firefox 59.

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NVDA 2018.1?

You are cutting off your nose to spite your face.  I don't know how
much you
know about this question but making a definite statement that you
won't do
something at the start of such a discussion isn't a good way to get
information.  You may be unaware of information that might change
your mind
and you may be less likely to get such information if you say you
won't do

You probably don't need to use Webvism on a lot of sites.  If you
use an old
compatible version of Firefox with sites that you want to use
Webvism for,
you are probably not increasing your security risk to a meaningful
You can use a current version of Firefox for all other sites.  And,
for now,
using a portable version of the ESR version of Firefox isn't
increasing your
security risk at all.  The current ESR version is compatible with
and will continue to receive security updates until the summer.  I
august, but I'm not sure.

Part of being a good blind computer user, that is, of getting the
most out
of the system and programs, is not to make arbitrary decisions based
on what
is fair or not fair.  The question is, what works, is there a meaningful
reason not to use what works.  And does whatever it is work well
enough to
use it at all or when compared with alternatives?  Those are meaningful
evaluation questions.  Fairness is not a meaningful evaluation question.


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From: Kenny

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Subject: [nvda] Any Captcha Solving Add-on Works with FireFox 59 and

I really wish there was a way to make Webvisum work with the new
FireFox 59
browser, but I fear this project is dead!

Is there any other free captcha solving add-on I can use that works with
FireFox 59 and NVDA 2018.1?

Don't think it is fair we have to use an older, outdated FireFox
browser to
gain access to Webvisum, and I refuse to do so.

Has anyone found a work-around to this on-going nusome for users of
screenreaders browsing the web?

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