Re: Firefox Quantum incompatible with NVDA forever?

Roger Stewart

You can get it easily using Ninite. That's how I got it to start with and it will then update as new versions come out.


On 3/24/2018 2:44 PM, Casey wrote:
Hi where can you get the latest version of 59 for Firefox for A 64 bit system running windows seven?

On 3/24/2018 11:38 AM, Antony Stone wrote:
What!? says that the
latest version, Firefox 59.0.1, runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10, all 32bit or
64bit, plus MacOS 10.9 onwards, and various versions of Linux.

Firefox is definitely not 64-bit only.


On Saturday 24 March 2018 at 17:30:52, Roger Stewart wrote:

For sure!  Several versions of Firefox back, they went to 64 bit only.
Guess this is what they mean by quantum.


On 3/24/2018 6:21 AM, Walmir Schultz via Groups.Io wrote:
My system is Windows 7 SP1.

I wonder if the problem is related to the fact that it is 32 bits.

Em 23/03/2018 12:09, Ron Canazzi escreveu:
Hi Walmir,

Using Windows 10 and NVDA 2018.1, I have never had any such issues. I
am on Firefox 59.01--the latest version and everything is great.  I
am wondering if your Windows 7 is the basic 7 or service pack1.  If
you have been following this list at all, you will see that NVDA
2018.1 will no longer support any system earlier than Windows 7
Service Pack 1.

On 3/23/2018 8:01 AM, Walmir Schultz via Groups.Io wrote:

Since Firefox Quantum (57, 58, 59, ,,,) NVDA is having
incompatibility problems.

Is it time to forget about Quantum?

The 59 version is unusable because NVDA simply don't recognize the
web page, it is "an unknown" objectt.

I am using Windows 7, NVDA 2018.1 32 bits.

I am still using Firefox 52 ESR, but almost changing to Chrome.

Sadly, even Google recognized in its accessibility documentation
that Firefox was the best browser to be used with NVDA.Very sad.

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