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Code factory actually remind me of valve in some ways.
Its obvious they really have no care to try to fix eloquence being its old and that.
Valve are doing the same with steam.
For the rest I am uncertain.
If I used eloquence at all which I won't be it would not be the legal one for the simple reason its got a lot of issues I wouldn't use.
Dectalk synth is low cost and should be ok even though its not eloquence and even if some of the voices are quiet at least its legal if you ask and pay a little.

On 6/05/2016 10:25 p.m., Gene wrote:
I haven't asked the owner and these are my thoughts. They are not an official response. allowing posts is not advertising. The product is legal. List members have talked about the problems with the add on when the topic has come up. People can try the demo and decide if they want to put up with the sound of Eloquence in the add on. I strongly dislike censorship and I see no reason to censor or ban posts on a legal program or add on. An informed user base gets informed in part by discussing various programs and utilities. If discussion were not allowed, users might learn about the add on in other ways and not have the benefit of those who have tried it discussing it.

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From: Isaac
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Subject: [nvda] code factory addons

Hi, to the moderators of the list, why do you allow and advertise the codefactory addon if it is so buggy. Many have complained, and no answers have been given. Just about everyone who has bought the addon has complained of sound crackling, and I have a super complaint. When I install the addon it kills my other vocalizer addon, and removes it from the synthesizer list. Are you guys just not giving a care because you get 10% of the sale, or what. People spend good money for a voice and they expect it to work. I appreciate nvda and the work put in to it, it works great, but these people are slow to respond to tickets, and if you call them during over-seas business hours, the tech support team says they will open a trouble ticket and plays dumb like the issue hasn't hardly been reported

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