Re: Fw: Action required for users of Windows Live Mail 2012


As has been stated before, you can use GMail or any e-mail program accept for certain Microsoft e-mail accounts.  You don't need to do or change anything because you are not using a Mic4rosoft account.  You are using GMail.

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Hi, this is helga! What od you mean? I use Gmail so you mean it will not work man! Are you serious! NO way! And i use windows live mail 2012. Now what? What email client will i use guys? I will really appreciate any suggestions! Thansk and God bless!

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And, for those who are still believing that the email I received is a phishing email, take a look at this,

This is from official Microsoft Office blog, so it's obvious that this is a serious manor and that it is going to happen for real.

Edit: Even Google's Gmail no longer work with WLM2012 unless if you turn off a security setting, which is not a wise thing to do.

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