Re: microsoft turn round on skype

inamuddinInam Uddin

Yes dear it has updated and you will download it by clicking:

If you cannot do it, why not you refresh your browser!


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From: Lino Morales
Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2018 6:07 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] microsoft turn round on skype



Well the new version of Skype Classic is not available on the site. It took me to the 8.1 download page. So don’t get too comfortable Seany boy.

Lino Morales


From: Shaun Everiss
Sent: Monday, March 26, 2018 9:03 PM
Subject: [nvda] microsoft turn round on skype


Hi all.

Today I recieved a skype update.

I was surprised I thought ms had abandond skype 7.

But no, aparently not.

If you download skype select the tablet tab and you can get classic skype.

I updated from skype itself, and I still had skype classic.

What this means, is interesting in itself.

We can choose classic again, I do wander if people complained to ms a
lot and they finally saw reason.

For me it means at least for the short term till ms decides to plonk
skype classic yet again I can continue to work with skype classic on
win7 and maybe on 10.

I am not apposed to updating skype, but skype7 is accessible, and I have
been using it for ages.

Bar the occasional calls and such there are a lot of things skype 8 and
uaps are missing.

Maybe its the big improvement ms is making with skype, and maybe they
realise they are not there yet.

Fact is, skype just got an update dispite what they said about an
insecure installer.

That for me at least for now means progress.

Eventually I will probably get a smartphone maybe an ios device, the
fact is I will have loads of uses for other forms of communication.

If skype gets to rubbish, I may simply close down skype entirely.

My ms account's main focus is mainly for knfb reader but to be hones bar
the apps I purchaced there is little keeping me and microsoft online
friends at all.

It used to be music, music, apps, skype.

Now its just some apps and with the apps being well who knows, and no
music, there is just 1 app I brought, and skype.

Hardly any of my contacts talk on skype with me anymore bar the nvda dev
group, and if it gets to hairy I will get rid of that group, there were
also test groups about to for different things but I will now try to
find nonskype things to do the tests with.



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