Re: Qwiklabs virtual machines

John Isige

You should be able to connect to the Linux machines the way you'd connect to any Linux machine, I'd think. As for Windows, I'd try putting NVDA with NVDA Remote on the virtual machine and installing NVDA Remote on the machine you're trying to connect from, and see if that works.

On 3/27/2018 11:56, Ali Colak wrote:
Hello all,
I am currently doing a course where I have to work with virtual
instances of windows and Linux on google Qwiklabs environment. I have
tried both using Google's chrome environment with the RDP ap, and
tried using the windows remote ap. neither works with a screen reader.
Any suggestions? I know that some people have worked before with
bootable virtual machines before, but they were booting from an actual
physical drive and not connecting remotely I believe.
Thanks for your help

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