Important user interface and experience change: postponing NVDA updates, now a reality


Dear NVDA community,


The following is considered a major change as it’ll affect everyone who chooses to check for and download new NVDA updates:


As of March 28, 2018, a change has been made to how NVDA will present update notices. This change, now part of master snapshots (beta-level), will require you to adjust how you respond to update notices.




Old behavior:


  1. NVDA will check for updates.
  2. NVDA will offer to either download and install the update (installed copy) or just download the update (portable version). You can also ask NVDA to remind you later.
  3. For those who’ve installed NVDA: once the update download is complete, you can press Escape to select OK button, and update process will begin.


New behavior:


  1. NVDA will check for updates.
  2. NVDA will offer to just download the update (both installed copy and portable version) or let it remind you later.
  3. For installed copy: once the update is downloaded, you can either choose to install it now or postpone it. If you press Escape, NVDA will assume that you want to postpone update installation.
  4. If you choose to postpone update installation, a new item will appear when you exit NVDA, which will offer to start the update process when NVDA restarts.

The ability to postpone NVDA updates will be made available in NVDA 2018.2 (May 2018 at the earliest). Thank you.



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