Re: I take it there have been no improvements to the flawed espeak ng in 2017.4?

Tyler Spivey

On 3/27/2018 11:59 PM, Reece H. Dunn wrote:
The abbreviation handling is poor, with no easy way to turn it off. For
example, in these two examples:

Mr. Smith

Mr Smith

The sound changes depending on whether the period is present or not.

To me, the one with the period pauses before "Smith". Is this what you
are hearing? Ideally, it should either not pause in both cases or pause
briefly in both.
This is it. Ideally, it probably shouldn't pause in either case.

If a sentence doesn't start with a capital letter, there's no pause
after the last one. for example in this one.
This makes sentences run together if they're not written correctly.

This annoys me as well. It is typically a lack of a period. The
complication here is where do you insert the pauses without it sounding
stilted in other cases.
Lack of a period?
In this case, there is one. It should pause after "one". One isn't an

What is eSpeak trying to optimize for here? Are there examples where you
wouldn't want it to pause at the period (assuming the last word isn't
something like mr.)?

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