Important advisory and plea: wxPython 4 is offline for now


Dear NVDA community,


As of March 28, 2018, wxPython 4 is no longer part of NVDA next snapshots due to compatibility issues and others. Based on data gathered during testing phase, I and NV Access staff will continue to make refinements to our support for wxPython 4.


Upon evaluating this situation, I (the chief investigator for wxPython 4 compatibility) believe more community involvement is needed going forward. Hence, the following will be done:


  1. The external wxPython 4 try build series will resume next week.
  2. I’ll be asking community members to test wxPython 4 builds to make sure things are ironed out.
  3. For add-ons I maintain or are under my review: I’ll start looking for wxPython 4 compatibility issues. Although this is optional, I’ll start enforcing compatibility for add-ons I’m reviewing when wxPython 4 is back online. A separate directive will be sent to add-on writers.
  4. The wxPy4 branch which I maintain will now be used to accept pull requests (clone my repo at, then checkout wxPy4). Please do a pull request not from NV Access copy but from my repo for now. I’ll try my best to test and incorporate your pull requests (not in April as I’ll be out of town for two weeks to attend two national speech tournaments).
  5. Please recruit sighted testers and developers so they can provide feedback and offer pull requests. In particular, we want to make sure NVDA dialogs and user interface elements are centered on screen properly.


For users: do not think this is something you can just pass by. Your feedback regarding wxPython 4 will have a massive impact on NVDA experience for others going forward.


For add-on writers: make sure your add-ons are compatible. As add-ons are now an integral part of a user’s NVDA experience, we want to make sure our add-ons are working as advertised.


For NVDA Core developers: please keep wxPython 4 in mind when you write GUI code and others having to do with wxPython features. Keep your feedback coming.


Thank you.



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