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Perry Simm

This can be turned off in the Chrome preferences, under Advanced Settings. If I recall correctly, the option is called "use a prediction service to help complete searches" or something semantically very similar.
Cheers Perry

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On March 30, 2018 2:25 AM, John Isige <gwynn@...> wrote:

Has anybody solved this issue with chrome? I have every predictive thing

turned off, but when I start typing in the address bar, I hear stuff

like, suppose I'm typing in mandolin cafe. I type an m, I hear "m

andolessons dot com", I type an 'a' and then maybe it thinks I mean

something else so I hear "mathmaze dot com selected instead", and so on.

It's really pretty annoying, particularly since I don't want it to do

that. Just let me type a URL and be done with it. Quit trying to figure

out where I might want to go, like I told you to.

On 3/29/2018 17:42, Andy wrote:

Yes, it works well, and Chrome is so much faster than other browsers.

It has become my go to browser.


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Is the Chrome browser accessible with NVDA? Is it worth trying?

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