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Perhaps I should have said turning off speech is a two stroke command.  Pressing NVDA key and then s might be considered two strokes and turning speech on without the add on might be a three stroke command.  I'm not sure just what counts as a stroke.  Whatever the case, the commands are very short and easy to execute.

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Turning off speech with NVDA key s is a very easy one stroke command.  turning it on again is a two stroke command or, if you use the add on, a one stroke command.  My point isn't that there is no way to turn suggestions off, I assume there is.  My point is that unless or until the way this is done is found in whatever program is being used, it is very easy to stop such speech.
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I cannot type fast enough to stop this kind of thing. its intensely

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How fast are you typing?  If you either type quickly or turn off speech, you
won't hear anything.  You likely know this but do you know that anytime you
want to interrupt speech, you can just keep typing anywhere?  You will
probably get a solution but I'm discussing this as a general principle.  I
never bother with such settings because I type fast enough that I don't hear
such information but if I ever start to hear it, maybe because I'm typing
more slowly, I just keep typing.

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From: John Isige
Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2018 9:25 PM
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Has anybody solved this issue with chrome? I have every predictive thing
turned off, but when I start typing in the address bar, I hear stuff
like, suppose I'm typing in mandolin cafe. I type an m, I hear "m
andolessons dot com", I type an 'a' and then maybe it thinks I mean
something else so I hear "mathmaze dot com selected instead", and so on.
It's really pretty annoying, particularly since I don't want it to do
that. Just let me type a URL and be done with it. Quit trying to figure
out where I might want to go, like I told you to.

On 3/29/2018 17:42, Andy wrote:
> Yes, it works well, and Chrome is so much faster than other browsers.
> It has become my go to browser.
> Andy
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> Is the Chrome browser accessible with NVDA? Is it worth trying?

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