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Yes, but the actual info on the full path to the rc which is up of 2018.1.1 is not given and the RC is only downloaded from the rc on the users machine if it exist,
The full release seems not to be up yet, which is OK if its on rc2 now. However in this list there is usually some announcement about it and there has not been from the emails I've got at any rate.
I have posted a link to my dropbox version of the rc2 for those who want it. I just wondered whose job it was to post that the new release or rc is in fact up and where to find it?

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Hi everyone,

In-Process 29th March 2018 edition is out:

This edition features the very new NVDA 2018.1.1 point release, as well as
our CSUN presentations and all the what's new information you can handle!

Enjoy :)


Quentin Christensen
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