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When reporting problems, making statements of fact based on guesses isn't a good idea.  You could explain why you say you think it's Chinese but unless you know that no other supported languages use alphabets that look anything like the Chinese alphabet, at least to those who don't know any of these alphabets, that is a statement based on a guess. 
I'm not going into this because it matters in this specific case, the problem would be solved in the same way, whatever the language.  But when presenting any problem, don't present a guess as a statement of fact.  It may cause those trying to solve the problem to think it is something different than it is.

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My wife told me that it looks like Chinese

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I don't know whether this is a silly question or not, but how do you know it
is Chinese?


On Friday 30 March 2018 at 02:15:52, Darrel Hughes via Groups.Io wrote:

> Helo everybody
> I am quite new to NVDA and I speak English and do not understand
> Chinese writing at all. For some reason my NVDA has only Chinese
> writing. Does anyone have a solution?
> Thanks
> Darrel

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