In relation to pronounciation corrections in eSpeak NG once more

Dejan Ristic

Hi to the respective community and users,

Due to the messages relating to the pronounciation corrections I happen to have read so far, I've just decided to extract them from the directory called Speech Dictionaries. They are contained in a notepad document, which implies that I may offer them whenever you like.

The only question is where to post the document so that it may be accessed by the NVDA users. I do not consider myself to be supposed to do it here, for I have not obtained a permission to do so. I also do not think that it should be done that way because the mail traffic may be made lower.

That's why I'm addressing myself to you so that I may do it in a proper manner so as not to come in breach of the rules and regulations of the mailing list.

As I've already said, I've made over a hundred corrections. Let me confirm here that I've made 139 corrections so far. That's how users can help each other without calling a programmer to intervene.

I hope that it is possible to find room for us the users to upload our corrections so that when accessing that piece of the site, we can automatically exchange pronounciation corrections. That's one way of how eSpeak NG speech may be updated without wating any next release to launch.

If I'm supposed to send the mentioned document to an admin in a private message so that it may be reviewed, I'm glad to obey the rule. If I'm supposed to mention this topic no longer, I shall obey that rule, too.

Your sincere friend and user,


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