Re: windows live mial 2015

Richard Kuzma


I would greatly appreciate the link for the 2015 version, can t seem to find it anywhere else.

Thanks so much




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Subject: Re: [nvda] windows live mial 2015


I just checked on my Windows 7 machine, which is running a ribbon version.  It is one of the build 2015 series and that build is a ribbon version.  There are different versions in a build.  If you want the 2015 version I have a link for, I can send the link.  But let's be sure if you want a menu or ribbon version, as I said.



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Subject: [nvda] windows live mial 2015


Wondering if anyone has a copy of windows live mail 2015.

I was just told by Microsoft that is was in existence but no longer supported and therefor not available for download from them.

Thyanks so much.



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