Re: getting the professional version of station playlist studio registered

Tony Ballou


You can get a demo version that works for 3 weeks, then you can choose
the standard version which is what I have, and there's a professional
version for full time broadcasters.


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Not that I use it, but is there a pro and a free version of the
software then?

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Wait, before we continue with this: are you a broadcaster intending to
use SPL Studio, or did you buy it because people told you about it? If
you are NOT a broadcaster, then please contact StationPlaylist
developer (Ross Levis, who is not a member of this list)for chance for
a refund, because SPL Studio Pro costs 250 dollars or so. If however,
you are indeed a broadcaster, then you need to put in the station name
in a plain text format.
An important reminder: just because I or other add-on authors are
asking for feedback should not be a reason to purchase expensive
software unless you really have to. This is why I did say in the
original message I sent a few days ago that I'm seeking feedback from
SPL users. At this point, I'm half-tempted to never again ask for
feedback on the SPL add-on from this list because someone might
purchase an expensive software without being educated as to what it is
and its purpose, or for that matter, if one is actually not
broadcasting or plan not to use this software as a broadcaster. But
given that we have broadcasters on this list who do use this software
and the add-on for it, and because not all of them are part of the
NVDA-SPL list, I'll ask for wider feedback from time to time but with
an important change: I will accept feedback only from broadcasters and
other users who are actual users of StationPlaylist Studio, or is
interested in using it for broadcasting purposes.
For future reference, the subscription info for NVDA-SPL list is:
Another thing to note: StationPlaylist Studio add-on follows
continuous delivery model - same principle as Windows 10 App
Essentials add-on. As such, you'll see tons of messages about
snapshots (two snapshot levels) on the NVDA-SPL list. Most snapshots
are stable, but occasionally an alpha-level build may not work all the
way or is filled with experimental features.

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studio registered

Hi folks,

I purchased station playlist studio and I can't seem to get it
registered I know that you type in the serial number, and the 20 digit
code, but I have having trouble with the station name. No matter what
i type in there I get an error something about an invalid value and to
press escape to which sends me back to the registration screen from
that point that invalid value error message comes up every time I tab
around the screen.   .What should the proper syntax be for the station
name? Hopefully one of you listers can help me sort this out.  Tony

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