NVDA 2018.1 freezes when editing an Excel worksheet




My name is Suzy, and this is my first post. Since updating to 2018.1, NVDA has not worked well with Excel 2016. It runs smoothly for a while. Then it FREEZES. The trigger seems to be editing text in a cell. (Note: The freeze may happen right away or after several minutes of work.)

The scenario is as follows:

Open an existing workbook. (It can be large or small, and it can be an xlsx file or a csv file.)

Begin navigating through a sheet and editing cells. The text can be  changed by overwriting the text in the cell, using F2, or deleting the existing text before entering new information.)

Press Enter, Tab or Down Arrow to leav the newly edited cell; NVDA will not speak the text. Furthermore, NVDA refuses to speak at all for some time.

Standard Windows commands will continue to work as expected, so the workbook can be saved and closed. (Note: Sometimes Excel will not close completely.)

If the PC is left alone for a few moments, NVDA recovers on its own. Frequently, I've resorted to restarting the computer.

This problem is quite annoying. I have multiple workbooks, and I am teaching myself how to use the sumproduct formula. I cannot trust NVDA in its current state.

Below are some additional notes.

My PC is a Lenovo Yoga with an I5 processor and 8 gigs of ram.

Windows 10 and Office 365 are up-to-date.

Sometimes I have a Baum VU20 attached via USB. This is especially true, when I am working with formulas In Excel. The freeze also occurs, if braille entry is being used.

NVDA 2018.1 was initially installed using the standard update process. After discovering the issue, I uninstalled NVDA and reinstalled it.

I have also tried to work around the freeze by switching from sapi5 voices to One Core voices. I don’t know if this was worth the trouble, since I’m using David either way. I didn’t know about One Core voices until late last week.

I have an edited log, but it is quite lengthy. I left all the initializing NVDA information, and all of the information concerning Excel, since there appears to be numerous errors prior to the freeze.

I am not new to NVDA, but I am new to this list. I need some instruction as to what to do now.

Any assistance would be appreciated.



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Well, this happens from time to time and has for the past few versions.  Since it is I will include the log snippit in this posting.  This happens most often when I press the windows key while in Thunderbird but I have seen it in other apps as well.


The log is attached.


Dan Beaver


On 3/30/2018 11:35 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:


Usually restarting NVDA should sort this out. If this happens again, please do send the log fragment to the forum so we can find out what went wrong (although I have an idea as to what, but just want to make sure).




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Ok, I figured out how to find the logs.


It looks like it is happening because of a UIA error. 


Should I turn off anything to stop this?  Not sure how to approach this one.


Dan Beaver


On 3/30/2018 9:34 AM, Dan Beaver wrote:



I am having a problem and thought I'd see if I could get a log of it.  The problem is that often if I am in Thunderbird or another app and I press the windows key NVDA seems to crash.  I have to restart it.


I can see how to get to the  current execution log but not the log from the execution when the crash happened.  How do I find this?




Dan Beaver



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