Re: A weird problem with NVDA and Windows 10


Yes, I tried it without NVDA and that's ok. No problem using my computer.
About CHKDSK, how I can proceed to use it?

Em 02/04/2018 18:50, Ervin, Glenn escreveu:

Have you tried it without NVDA running?
It sounds more like an operating system problem, and not NVDA.
I would recommend unloading NVDA and load Narrator and see if it still happens.
If it only happens with NVDA, you could reinstall it.
If it does not happen with Narrator, I would try a chkdsk in tools of the drive properties.

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Hi guys,
My NVDA is having a strange and very annoying problem.
It happens that when I stay too much time far from my computer, when I come back my screen is totally frozen and there's nothing I can do about. Mouse and keyboard aparently don't receive my commands, my computer just stays there, out of any action.
The only thing I can do, obviously, is to manually restart it and then all seems to back to normality.
How I can resolve this problem? I'll really appreciate if there's a solution for my cyber nightmare haha


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