Re: A weird problem with NVDA and Windows 10


I have this with a user with an older system, which is at least for now dead.

He seems to like to leave it with windows open locked ofcause, and well its on all night.

The system is often locked up or really sluggish till I restart it.

My general rule is if I am gone for a few hours at home say 2 of them or less is to leave it on but if I know I will be gone for longer than 30 minutes I tend to shut the entire box down. Unless I am doing something.

On 3/04/2018 9:23 a.m., marcio via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi guys,
My NVDA is having a strange and very annoying problem.
It happens that when I stay too much time far from my computer, when I come back my screen is totally frozen and there's nothing I can do about. Mouse and keyboard aparently don't receive my commands, my computer just stays there, out of any action.
The only thing I can do, obviously, is to manually restart it and then all seems to back to normality.
How I can resolve this problem? I'll really appreciate if there's a solution for my cyber nightmare haha



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