Re: Blindspot may need to close because of Spotify's changing API.

Tyler Wood


I use the regular spotify client and have no issues with it, but will suck that this change is happening.

As pointed out below, not surprising.

On 02-Apr-2018 7:59 PM, Gerardo Corripio wrote:
Indeed a shame! I've raelly gotten to love BlindSpot! it's very handy, especially for playing Spotify music on the PC moreover in a very accessible way! Hope something can be done about this before it's too late.
El 02/04/2018 a las 05:51 p.m., Shaun Everiss escribió:
That is a shame, another inaccessible music service the blind can't use.

Is spotify accessible it seems to be included now on the new install of win10 I have on the workstation.

On 3/04/2018 1:46 a.m., Robert Kingett wrote:
Per [Spotify's new API requirements,]( meaning, they are killing off one in favor of the other, in this case, web... means that accessible apps like BlindSpot may not work anymore. It is a huge shame, but not at all shocking. The Git link is below to the thread.

Before anybody asks, because I know many will, and not bother looking it up, blindspot is an accessible, windowless, alternative application to Spotify that works using the keyboard only, and is only on Windows. The issue thread is below.


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