Re: problem with a specific website and google chrome

Dejan Ristic

I've happened to experience when a button does not work for me. Have you tried Objpad while activating a button and/or a link. When I wish to bring it up, I press NVDA plus Control plus tab to walk through the modes it offers. I usually choose the scan mode and position myself on a button and/or a link to try activating it. It sometimes does work, and sometimes does it fail. I also do this. When I cannot activate in the browse mode, I switch to the focus mode to activate. I also try to do one more thing. I switch to the document mode, and then I use the NVDA key with up and down arrows to find what I wish, and when I find it, I hold down the NVDA key, and then I try by hitting enter on it. One more thing you may wish to try. Switch to the browse mode. Find what you wish, and switch to the object review. Hold down the NVDA key and press enter on it. That's what I do. It sometimes helps, and sometimes fails. If you wish to switch between the browsers, try Opera and see what you may experience.

On 03/04/2018 05:29, Ashley Wayne wrote:
Hello all,

So I prefer to use google chrome, as it doesn't seem to slow down my computer like firefox often does lol.  However, I can't access much of my online banking through wells fargo when I use google chrome.  Basically, any object that is labeled as a button, once I log in to the system, doesn't work.  When I press enter or use the space bar on the button, nothing happens. I have tried it with the same result using jaws as well.  My sighted husband can use the mouse and access everything fine; everything on the site works fine with firefox.  Anyway, I was wondering if by chance anyone uses wels fargo for their online banking and has the same problem with chrome?  Or if anyone has any ideas of anything else I could try.  Thanks so much,


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