Re: Voice Dream Reader equivalent on PC?

David Griffith

I agree that QRead  is a very useful program and I purchased it myself.

However in terms of emulating Voicedream on a PC i would have thought something like balabolka would have been nearer the mark. Especially with its ability to create TTS mp3 versions in different voices of eBooks, including support not just for ePub but also Mobi books.

I have not used it enough to comment on things like chapter navigation though I understand it supports Header navigation..

It is of course also free so is easy to try out and see if it suits the bill.

David Griffith



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From: Quentin Christensen
Sent: 02 April 2018 02:54
Subject: [nvda] Voice Dream Reader equivalent on PC?


Hi everyone,


I had an inquiry from someone who is familiar with Voice Dream Reader on iOS, and wondered whether there was a similar, accessible program on the PC?  Particularly of interest are features like being able to open it and quickly pick up where a particular title was previously left.


Kind regards





Quentin Christensen
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