Re: Blindspot may need to close because of Spotify's changing API.


Hey guys! and gals. I will check out some suggestions in the thread, but I don't want to download music just so I can play it. I use the radio function on Spotify to write to artists similar to say, Owl City, for example. I guess I can just continue to use Hope. Accessible pandora application. I will see if Google Music has a radio like option and look at all of the other suggestions, but I am not interested in downloading music or storing it somewhere to be played. I guess it's a generational thing, I guess. I like the, pay once, get access to seemingly unlimited albums without downloading anything. Still, great suggestions! Eager to check them out! Yeah, I love blindspot too and use it daily. It's a shame. while the windows version is usable, it's half assed accessible. For instance, the options dialog does not read unless moving the review cursor around. It seems like they just want to appease us. Hey, I absolutely hated Flash to begin with, even when I could see. I always removed it straight away when I imaged a new laptop. Off to try the other services! Toodles!

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