Re: Blindspot may need to close because of Spotify's changing API.

Gerardo Corripio

Also I think i heard somewhere that Google Play music, has a Windows program that allows you to listen online, and/or download your music onto the computer, especially good for folks like my Dad because of generational things, he wants for music to be available on his mP3 Sansa player, USB and other media he can listen to wihtout depending of an app and a SmartPHone.

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as far as an accessible web interface is concerned, I can recommend Google Play Music. It uses headings, has keyboard shortcuts, all buttons have reasonable descriptions, and if used with Chrome it doesn't even require the security risk called Flash. It's an accessibility success story too few people know about, in sharp contrast to Spotify which, in my opinion, never really cared.
Cheers Perry

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No connection whatsoever with this, but in this age of inclusively, should

not a company now about to or is listed not be actually trying to increase

their electronic footfall, rather than chucking people off who are blind.

its probably against the law in many countries, but as we often see, if you

are a powerful entity, you can do what you like. Some companies consider

social responsibility to be cheap to comply with and gives them brownie

points, while others carry on as if they were in a time 40 years ago.

I'll say no more but I had thought with flash being discontinued the age

of inaccessible web content was over.



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Subject: [nvda] Blindspot may need to close because of Spotify's changing


Per Spotify's new API requirements,

meaning, they are killing off one in favor of the other, in this case,

web... means that accessible apps like BlindSpot may not work anymore. It

is a huge shame, but not at all shocking. The Git link is below to the


Before anybody asks, because I know many will, and not bother looking it

up, blindspot is an accessible, windowless, alternative application to

Spotify that works using the keyboard only, and is only on Windows. The

issue thread is below.

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