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Ron Canazzi

OK, here you go.

Keep in mind that the reference to NVDA is the NVDA modifier key.  On desktops  bby default it is the insert key.  On laptops it is the caps lock key.

left mouse click NVDA + [ Press twice quickly for a double left click.

left mouse button lock NVDA + control + [ to unlock press again.

right mouse button click NVDA + ]

right mouse button lock NVDA + control+ ] press again to unlock.

Move mouse to current navigater object NVDA + shift + M

Navigate to the object under the mouse NVDA + Shift +N

On 4/3/2018 2:57 AM, ss sarfudeen wrote:
Hi Ron,

Thanks for the steps you have provided. As I am using a laptop and not
a desktop computer, could you please give me the NVDA keystrokes for
the laptop layout for changing the review mode to the object mode and
also for routing the mouse to the item? I have tried the other two
methods but did not find them working.



On 4/3/18, Ron Canazzi <aa2vm@...> wrote:
Hi Sultana,

This clickable issue is a bit complex. If pressing enter on a clickable
item does not activate a new menu, or change the displayed material such
that the use of up or down arrow keys gives you new information, there
are several things you can try. This issue is complex because the
underlying code that results in NVDA reporting the item as clickable can
vary enough so that there is no one answer.

The first thing I try is to highlight the item rendered as clickable and
press the space bar. Check to see if this action renders any new
information. If that does not work, use your numpad and the insert key
(desktop system) to change the review mode to object mode (insert +
numpad 7) and then highlight the item and then route the mouse cursor to
the item with insert + numpad divide and then press the numpad divide
key again to affect a left mouse click. Check to see if this has
rendered any new information by using up/down arrow keys to check the
screen. Sometimes activating a clickable item will launch a new page and
you will know you have succeeded when this happens.

If the above methods don't work, I have found that switching to focus
mode with the keystroke insert + space bar and then using the tab key to
move around between items and then pressing enter on the item voiced as
clickable will activate the clickable item.

Those are methods that can work depending upon the underlying code to
activate the clickable items. And also be advised, that some pages are
coded so poorly that an item that is voiced as clickable is not
activated by any of the above methods. If this happens, that's the time
to e-mail the web master and inform them that their site is not screen
reader friendly.


On 4/3/2018 12:52 AM, ss sarfudeen wrote:
Hello list members,

I am Sultana and this is my first post to the list. I have installed
the latest version of NVDA on my computer and I have been using it as
my primary screen reader for quite sometime now. I am seeking your
help to perform some tasks using NVDA. I would like to be
able to work with buttons on a web page or a form that read as
"Clickable". When I hit Enter on a clickable button, it does not get
activated. Please let me know as to how to activate it and also make
sure that the button is activated.

Besides, I would also like to know the keyboard shortcuts or an add-on
if any, for closing
pop up windows when I log-on to a website.
Kindly advise.
Your help is highly appreciated.



They Ask Me If I'm Happy; I say Yes.
They ask: "How Happy are You?"
I Say: "I'm as happy as a stow away chimpanzee on a banana boat!"

They Ask Me If I'm Happy; I say Yes.
They ask: "How Happy are You?"
I Say: "I'm as happy as a stow away chimpanzee on a banana boat!"

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