Re: Wells Fargo contact information.

Antony Stone


Since your posting wasn't a reply to an existing thread, I didn't realise it
was in response to a question asked in that thread, so it looked to me like
some person from Wells Fargo simply wanted to discuss things about NVDA with

Thanks for the clarification.


On Tuesday 03 April 2018 at 16:03:16, Cohn, Jonathan wrote:


I forgot to switch from reply to group to reply to sender before sending
this one out. There was a complaint yesterday about being unable to click
buttons using Chrome with the Wells Fargo web site. Judith is fairly
active with some general accessibility web sites and I expect does not
have time to spend directly on a NVDA mailing list.

Take care,

Jonathan Cohn

´╗┐On 4/3/18, 9:45 AM, Antony Stone wrote:

She's welcome to join the list and ask any questions she has -
alternatively contact details for NV Access Limited are available on the
website at


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