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Well firstly we need to know if the files are proper text and not as some instruction manuals seem to be, some form of image of pages of a printed source.

Obviously in that case somebody needs to fix the format. Normally you can test this by exporting the text and seeing if there is any.
assuming there is then several things come to mind. I do not know about Windows 10, but sometimes one has to look in the config area of adobe reader and turn off any protection items or security etc, to be able to read them.

Obviously also we have got to be sure that if these are complex documents with changes in columns and graphics etc, that the get tagged when created. This is a process few seem to do and even less understand. I know I don't understand how its done, but if its not done and reading order changes in a document, then it tends to go into gobbledegook. I really would advise if you can to suggest the texts are sent to you in a known doc format so that they can be manipulated easier.
I had a very odd problem the other day while working on the UK elections pdf, where the first page was fine, but all subsequent pages were just jumbled up, as if the tagging had failed after the first page.

I know Nvaccess has put a lot of effort into getting pdf files to work well but sadly those making such files need to play their part or its a total waste of time.

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Hello everyone,
I have seriously started using NVDA, and this time is more serious than other times, because I have upgraded to windows 10, and it works very well, and I do mean very very well. One of my biggest issues I'm currently facing is reading pdf documents with NVDA. On the adobe reader, or adobe acrobat reader, NVDA reads absolutely nothing. I have to work everyday with those types of documents because my university professors provide me with lectures or books in pdf format, but I cannot access them.
So, could somebody help me with this problem because it is very important to me. Every answer is appreciated.

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