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None of the messages said anything about settings being changed.  We don't know if they were or not.  there is no reason to assume what the default settings were.  I don't know how they may change from one manufacturer to another.  The default settings may be causing the problem.  Also, just because nothing was said about settings being changed doesn't mean that no settings were.  People are notorious for leaving out relevant information when reporting problems because they are unaware of its relevance or because they don't know something was done. 
The suggestion to try using Narrator is a good one.  But nothing in the description suggests that anything related to the hard drive has anything to do with the problem.  The problem occurs after a period of inactivity.  That suggests something that occurs after such a time such as a power setting.

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I too thought it sounded like a power setting, however, if nothing had been changed, it would not likely be the issue.

I suppose the PS could be starting to go, and not charging the battery well.




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I don't see how this has anything to do with a disk problem.  Something happens if the computer is not used for a certain period of time.  Check the power settings in the computer.  Is it set to always on?  Is anything specified to happen after a certain period of time such as that the hard drive will stop or something else will stop or that the computer will go into stand by or sleep?  Dis problems cause data to not be properly written to disk and to be lost or corrupted or cause data not to be properly read from the disk and to be corrupted or lost in that way.  This sounds like a power management problem.  Make sure the always on setting is being used.  If it is being used now, the problem needs more investigation.  If it isn't being used now, use it and see what happens.



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Have you tried it without NVDA running?
It sounds more like an operating system problem, and not NVDA.
I would recommend unloading NVDA and load Narrator and see if it still happens.
If it only happens with NVDA, you could reinstall it.
If it does not happen with Narrator, I would try a chkdsk in tools of the drive properties.

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Subject: [nvda] A weird problem with NVDA and Windows 10

Hi guys,
My NVDA is having a strange and very annoying problem.
It happens that when I stay too much time far from my computer, when I come back my screen is totally frozen and there's nothing I can do about. Mouse and keyboard aparently don't receive my commands, my computer just stays there, out of any action.
The only thing I can do, obviously, is to manually restart it and then all seems to back to normality.
How I can resolve this problem? I'll really appreciate if there's a solution for my cyber nightmare haha


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