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We don't know how long the person has had the computer.  We don't know if other people use it.  We don't know what the manufacturer's default settings are.  We have no basis to know what the person asking the question knows about whether anything has been changed.  And we don't know how long NVDA has been used on the computer.  I'm not saying anything is the case.  I'm saying, don't assume based on almost no information.

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But if no settings had been changed, how could it start doing that?
I considered that Marcio would know if a setting had been changed.

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Sounds to me like its going into standby or something after a time and because  its not working properly on the log in screen it seems to be stuck.

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Subject: [nvda] A weird problem with NVDA and Windows 10

> Hi guys,
> My NVDA is having a strange and very annoying problem.
> It happens that when I stay too much time far from my computer, when I
> come back my screen is totally frozen and there's nothing I can do about.
> Mouse and keyboard aparently don't receive my commands, my computer just
> stays there, out of any action.
> The only thing I can do, obviously, is to manually restart it and then all
> seems to back to normality.
> How I can resolve this problem? I'll really appreciate if there's a
> solution for my cyber nightmare haha
> Cheers
> Marcio

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