Re: Cannot read PDF documents with NVDA

Bhavya shah

Hi Afrim,
If possible, and if it does not infringe on confidentiality or
copyright (do ensure that), then, it would be really helpful if you
could share a sample file as one of those PDFs you receive from your
professors. Practical examination and analysis of those PDF files by
members may result in more accurate suggestions.

On 5/7/16, Aravind R <> wrote:
acrobat reader DC in my windows7 did not read even text pdf files and
it showed blank. so i was forced to downgrade

On 5/7/16, Chris Mullins <> wrote:
I am using Windows 7 with Acrobat Reader DC and NVDA 2016.01 works
well. Have you configured the Accessibility features of Acrobat for
readers? Can you not access the acrobat menus? Is the document you are
trying to read an image or is it text?


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Hello everyone,
I have seriously started using NVDA, and this time is more serious than
other times, because I have upgraded to windows 10, and it works very
and I do mean very very well. One of my biggest issues I'm currently
is reading pdf documents with NVDA. On the adobe reader, or adobe acrobat
reader, NVDA reads absolutely nothing. I have to work everyday with those
types of documents because my university professors provide me with
or books in pdf format, but I cannot access them.
So, could somebody help me with this problem because it is very important
me. Every answer is appreciated.

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