Re: Silencing the Checked Selected Checked Annoyance?

Chris Mullins

You need to set upt the File explorer display to your liking. First of all, press windows+e to open File Explorer.
Next, press alt+v followed by the letter l. This will open a Layout dialog where you choose the layout for how files and folder items are displayed when you use File explorer. The choices are Tiles, Content, large icons, medium icons, small icons, extra large icons, list and details. As a totally blind person, I find 'Details' the best for me as it shows file names, date last updated and type of file description entries in a list format but the choice is yours. Just press enter on the format you want. You can experiment by re-issuing the alt+v l command and going through the options to see which suits you best.

Once you have chosen a layout, you can now tweak other settings associated with the File Explorer display. Press alt+f then arrow down to 'Options Change settings for opening items, file and folder views, and search.' And press enter to open the 'Folder Options' dialog.

This is a multi-tab dialog and you will land in the General settings tab. In this tab you can set what happens when you press Windows+e, the choices being ThisPC (previously known as MyComputer) and Quick Access. Tab through the items in this dialog, they are fairly self-explanatory. When you reach the OK/Cancel/Apply buttons, activate apply to keep the dialog open.

Now press Control+tab to move into the View tab. The first item you come to in this tab is the option to apply this view to all folders of this type. Press the shortcut key to accept this option and accept the prompt. Now tab into the advanced options treeview then use the up/down arrows to move through the list. Some of the options I have set are:

display the full path in the title bar - On
Hide extensions for known filetypes - Off
Show drive letters - On
Use check boxes to select items - Off

The above are only suggestions, you set it up how you want.

Finally tab to Ok and press enter.


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I seem to recall in Windows there is an option to select use checkboxes for selection and not to use them. I select not to use them, then it works just like any kind of file manager for selection of items.
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I just got a new Dell Ultrabook running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit newest 1709

Every time I arrow through the list of installed programs on the desktop
or in File manager I keep hearing the following:

<Name of program> Checked Selected Checked

I just want it to say the name of the program and nothing else.

How can I stop NVDA 2018.1.1 from speaking this extra information when I
navigate through a listview of programs?

I've already disabled the Touch Screen feature of my Ultrabook by the way
and it still says it.


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