Re: Performing NVDA Commands From Laptop

Antony Stone

I believe all laptops have these key functions, even if they do not have
dedicated keys for them.

Most laptops have some sort of "function" key which acts as a modifier (in the
same way as shift, control, or alt) to change the meaning of the key it is
pressed in combination with, and some of the keys on your keyboard, when used
with this function modifier, will almost certainly act as home, end, etc.

Tell us precisely which make and model of laptop you have, and we may be able
to suggest where the function key and the modified keys for these meanings are.



On Thursday 05 April 2018 at 23:22:48, Janet Brandly wrote:

How do I perform those NVDA commands which require the “home”, “end”,
“page-up” or “page-down” keys from a laptop without these keys on its
keybord? Thanks,
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