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Jiří Fenz <jirifenz@...>

I think that it's only about gui element behaviour.

Announcing empty instead of New line is the same regardless on lf, cr or crlf end of line.

So i think that solving this is about advanced configuration of Scite to change how the eol symbol is viewed or forcing autoit to recognize that actual symbol as standart new line.

Here is link for portable version of Scite i'm using, if someone want to try it directly.

Jiri Fenz

Dne 06.04.2018 v 10:56 Shaun Everiss napsal(a):

Well it depends I guess you have to look in the editer options it would have to do with how the symbon is rendered for nvda to read.

Simplest way would be if there was a dictenary for that program if you can have a spaciffic definition for a particular program I am not sure if thats possible, but you could define the word empty to end of line or do it for the global deffinition and when anything is empty it will be end of line instead.

Thats not going to really work that well.

We need to find what that symbol actually is that is generated.

Is it generating the standard carrage return or linefead, cr/lf symbol for example.

crlf symbols usually at least when I did communications and things back in dos usually mean, new line, line end, end of line or simply an empty space depending on the os, unix/linux, windows or dos.

In these days, windows/dos has almost the same charset with windows having more of them and linux has a few more.

However depending what this thing was developed for, ie unix that could explain the issue you are having, things are translated that symbol may not be translated as such so there may be that issue to worry about.

Ofcause if you can get a document with just that symbon in it and send it at whoever handles the symbol database then it should be ok.

What happens if you create a document with a few new lines or line breaks in them and view it in another text editor.

Ie notepad, if the symbol is still empty, then its a symbol issue but if the symbol is read correctly, it could simbly be what the editor is outputting to be translated in which case not much we can do.

If the symbol from scyte you get in notepad back is just utter crap then it could be an untranslated symbol probably from unix or something.

The next thing to do is send it back here and get someone to find out what that symbol comes from, latx for example has different symbols to text and other programs may have different symbols based on age to a point, etc.

So if you find that out then the symbol can be added and your issue is solved.

What I fear is that its just what the program outputs at nvda in which case nothing can be done really.

On 6/04/2018 8:45 p.m., Jiří Fenz wrote:
Helllo all,

i'm using Scite for coding in Autoit.

Accessibility of thys program is almost total, but when moving with right or left arrow betveen lines, nvda says Empty instead of New line.

Is here some option to set classic End of line character in scite to make it announce new line the same way as for example in notepad?

With best regards

Jiri Fenz

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